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What I'm all about

Functional Art.


When constructing bowls, boards, decorative pieces, or anything else, I start with the wood selection. With the wood that I harvest, my general philosophy is to keep it simple and allow the natural variation of the wood to highlight itself.  With regards to segmented projects, I am finding myself wanting to push my limits by using smaller segments and getting more detailed. In all my projects I obtain inspiration from the wood itself as well as pictures of other turners work that I admire.

About me

A biologist and a woodturner.


I have a Ph.D. in biology and my current research focuses on the conservation genomics of bald and golden eagles.  Much of my day is

spent with my administrative duties – I am the Senior Associate Vice President for Research at Oklahoma State University – thus, my woodturning is strictly a hobby.  


I began woodturning in January 2018 and for the most part I am a self-taught woodturner. I have taken a few classes to learn how to construct segmented bowls and feature rings and I have read several books and magazine articles. I learn something new every day (sometimes by design but more often by doing something wrong with the piece I am working on – and then try to figure out what I did wrong so that I do not do that again). 


My primary reason for woodturning is for my joy and relaxation.  I enjoy seeing the happiness of others when they receive or purchase one of my pieces of  functional art.  I do not mass produce anything, each piece is unique. 


 If you are interested in something I created but it is already sold, please contact me.  I will happily reproduce a similar item with the understanding that due to differences in wood and myself (I am very critical of my own work and always see how I can improve), no two pieces will be identical.  Additionally, if you see something on my webpage that you like but have suggestions for changes (size, shape, combinations of wood, different feature ring, etc.) contact me and I will happily attempt to accommodate your  needs.

Meet the shop team



An integral part of the team, my wife, Meredith. She is an enthusiastic supporter and helps with designs and wood choice. Every piece is critiqued and approved by Meredith. Of course she also gets first pick of pieces.



Spyder is the shop Manager and alarm system. He is constantly on the move, searching the wood piles for mice and other pests. While Spyder makes a great alarm the worst thing he will do is drool on you.



At a 115 lbs. Bear is Head of Security and lives up to his name. He is constantly on guard with help from T-Bone. He patrols not only the shop but also the chicken coops and our product delivery system.



T-Bone is  bigger than Bear (135 lbs.) and represents the "muscle" of the security team. Although T-Bone is very laid back, that does not stop him from being excellent security. He patrols not only the shop but also the chicken coops and our product delivery system.



Moose is the newest member of the "Shop Team".  He was born January 17 2020 and is from the same breeder as T-Bone.  Moose weighs about 135lb and although he is a goofball, Bear and T-Bone have taught him well about how to be an LGD as well as a valued member of the security team.

Product Delivery team









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